Our Staff

Headteacher  Mrs J Powell                     Image result for meet the staff
Deputy Head and SENCo Mrs S Middleton
Academic Support Manager Mrs K Clixby
Learning Mentor Mrs T Naylor
Office Manager Mrs C Wraith
Teaching Staff KS2 KS1/Foundation

Y6 Mrs C Broadbent  

Y6 Miss E Carpenter 

Y5 Mr G Hunt

Y5 Miss P Leach

Y4 Miss O Wiles 

Y4 Miss E Woods 

Y3 Mr Ross

Y3 Mrs Bannister-Gregory

Y2  Mr C Grisdale

Y2 Mrs R McDowell/Miss C Kenny

Y1 Miss C Smith

Y1 Mr L Hartley

Rec Mrs N Leggatt    

Rec Mr J Pottinger

F1 Mrs K Grayson/ Ms Wylie

PPA Cover

Mrs J Powell/ Miss C Westney


Mrs S Middleton/ Mrs K Clixby/ Mrs C Smithson

Classroom Support

Mrs D Ryan

Mrs E Wistow 

Mrs M Oates

Mrs N Laker-Jones

Mrs R Kilvington

Mrs J Davenport

Mrs D Jones

Miss C Westney

Mrs J Matthewman

Mrs S Hetherington

Mrs R Royles

Miss M Cooper

Administration Staff

Miss H Dailey

Mrs L Sampson

Mrs D Holder

Kitchen Staff

Contracted by Taylor Shaw

Lunchtime Assistants

Mrs K Davidson

Mrs K Helliwell

Mrs G Pulfrey

Mrs D Burling

Mrs K Allen-Stevenson

Miss S Wall

Miss L Campbell

Mrs D Smith

Play Leader

Ms  R Trower

Pastoral Support Assistant

Miss J Windle

Premises Staff

Resident Caretaker: Mr D Sykes

Caretaker: Mr J Wildsmith

Cleaning Staff

Mrs S Simpkins

Mrs T Howe

Miss N Packham

Ms C Yuille

Mr R Morton

Miss K Helliwell

Wraparound Club Staff

Mrs M Eades

Miss J Windle

Mrs R Askham

Mrs K Davidson