Eco School

Eco Warriors 

Reception L -  Owen Menmuir and Reception P -  Evie Thomas

Y1S - Macie Fleet and Y1H -  George Lockey

Y2G -  Dylan Saunders and Y2M/K – James Turner

Y3R -  Kayden Jubb and Y3BG – Jude Spalding

Y4OW -  Elodie Greaves and Y4EW -  Zak Dewsnap

Y5L – Billy Fox and Y5H -  Paul Colley

Y6C -  Roscoe Delbridge and Y6B – George Allwood


The school has an Eco-Committee that meets at least once every half term. Pupils take significant responsibility for running the committee. The Eco-Committee includes a parent and/or governor representative.


Environmental Review 2017

The Eco-Committee has completed an Environmental Review covering the Eco-Schools nine topics and green procurement policy topics. The results have been recorded and pupils were involved in carrying out the review. Results of the review have been discussed by the Eco-Committee and communicated with the whole school.

Eco Action Plan 2017


The Eco-Committee has produced a detailed Action Plan. The plan contains timescales, who is responsible and how eco work will be monitored and evaluated. The Eco-Committee has shared the Action Plan with the rest of the school and is displayed.


The school has a prominent, designated notice board, detailing Eco-Schools activities.The Eco-Committee regularly communicates Eco-Schools activities to the whole school and wider community (eg. via assemblies and newsletters)


The school has an agreed, adopted and displayed Eco-Code. The Eco-Code is displayed on the Eco-Schools notice board and in all classrooms. The Eco-Code is known and understood by the majority of pupils and staff.







We recently had a whole school Eco Week. All classes from Nursery to Year 6 participated in lots of engaging activities. The topics investigated were:


Nursery Will the Worm 
Reception Bug Hotel
Year 1 Lunchtime Crunchtime
Year 2 E-Waste
Year 3 Lose your bottle
Year 4 Will Wind work?
Year 5 Switch on to Switching off
Year 6 Your Local Climate