Rivelin School Council

Welcome to our School Council page! Here you can find out lots of information, including regular updates about our meetings! 

What is the School Council? 

The school council works to make improvements to the school and the way we do things at Rivelin. We look around for things that could be better and discuss what to do.

Everyone gets a chance to speak and when we’ve finished we vote on the best ideas and then start working on changing things.

Sometimes we have to talk to teachers and sometimes we have to make phone calls to people outside of the school.

Who are the School Councillors

Every year we run an election campaign to vote for a new representative for each class. A good representative will speak at the council meetings about things that their class is interested in. They will also tell their class about what is going on in the council meetings and put the minutes up in the classroom. They can record any information in their school council book.


We try to be very professional in the council so we use a lot of business words. Hopefully this will help.

Agenda - a list of things to talk about

Minutes - the notes taken during a meeting so people can see what goes on

Motion - an idea for the council to discuss 

What is the Purpose?

Our purpose is to be the voice of the students. We aim to get things done to make our school better. To find ways to improve our school and to give every pupil a voice and to make all decision making fair.


School council meetings are held every Tuesday morning at 9am. For the meeting to go ahead there must be at least 8 school council members present.

Decisions will be made using a hands up or blind voting system. If a decision can’t be reached, it will be put to the whole school. Ideas and questions are put to classes/the whole school before they are voted on in school council.

Who are the School Council Members?

All members of the school council have a role and these are selected in a democratic election process where members vote with a show of hands.

The chairperson runs the meetings. First, they read through the last week’s minutes to check they are a true reflection of what happened; if all members agree, the minutes are signed.

The chair then forms and shares the meeting’s agenda with the school council and works through this.

Vice Chairperson

The vice chairperson needs to be prepared to lead the meeting if the chair is absent. They also support the Chairperson in their role, when required.

When the minutes have been signed, the Vice Chair takes them to the office to be filed.

Public Liaison Officer

The Public Liaison Officer lets the whole school know what is going on in school council. They update the website, provide write-ups for the newsletter and write up any news for the School Council display board.


The secretary takes notes (minutes) in all meetings and ensures there are enough copies to be looked at the next meeting. It is also their job to do the register.

Vice Secretary

The Vice Secretary needs to be prepared to take notes if the secretary is absent. They also support the Secretary in their role, when required.


The treasurer records any money raised, donated or spent for the school council.

Alerting Team 

The alerting team ensures that all children are aware when school council will take place and they assist any younger members.

Committee Members

These members listen to the Chairperson and contribute their own and the ideas of their class and vote for any ideas put forward.

Link Teacher 

The link teacher is a member of staff.

Link Teaching Assistant 

The link teaching assistant is a member of staff.