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Writing and Spelling


Throughout Rivelin, children write every day, across all of their lessons. In Nursery and Reception, this begins with mark marking and the children begin to explain what their marks mean. As they develop their Phonics skills, children will then be able to apply these to write their own words, as well as short captions and sentences.

In KS1, children will continue to develop their writing skills, applying their growing Phonics knowledge to help them. They will begin to understand the importance of capital letters and punctuation within sentences, as well as beginning to make their writing more interesting through the use of adjectives and conjunctions.

In KS2, children will further build on these skills. They will learn about a wider range of grammatical structures and will begin to think about the reader of their writing, making sure that it is interesting for them. The children will write a range of different text types, including stories, newspaper articles, instructions, diary entries, non-chronological reports and poems. Within each year group, children will be given the opportunity to write both fiction and non-fiction.

Across KS1 and KS2, some of these grammatical skills will be taught as separate SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) lessons. Children will then have many opportunities to apply these skills that they have learned to their own writing.

In order to keep the children engaged, most Literacy lessons will focus on a particular text, linked to the topic that the year group will be learning about at that particular time. This allows the children to explore their topic in more depth, gaining a greater understanding of it, as well as writing about a subject that they have an increasing knowledge of.


At Rivelin, children can work to earn badges as part of our ‘Crystal Spelling Challenge’. For each badge, children have a list of words that they need to learn how to spell and when they are confident that they know all of them, they can ask to be tested on them. They will be given 30 random words from that list and if they spell all of them correctly they will earn their badge! As the children progress through the badges the spellings get more challenging, so the children will have a constant challenge as they move through school.

The badges that are available for the children to earn are shown below, along with a rough guide to the year group that will focus on those spellings:

  • Topaz (Reception/Y1)
  • Opal (Y1)
  • Ruby (Y2)
  • Sapphire (Y3)
  • Emerald (Y4)
  • Diamond (Y5)
  • Amethyst (Y6)

Please see below for a copy of the ‘Crystal Spelling Challenge’ booklet, which contains the word lists for each of the badges.

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