Attendance & Punctuality


At Rivelin Primary School we view attendance and punctuality very important.  We believe it is vital that children are in school every day and on time, so they are learning as much as they possibly can.  Outstanding attendance means children can make the most of all the wonderful learning, activities and events that are provided at our school.

Please see the diagram on the left for details of what percentage means to our school. The Government strategy, to raise school’s attendance, is a key component to raise standards in education. Pupils who are persistently absent from school are those who regularly take time off school and whose attendance falls below 90%.

We do understand as a school children do become unwell and have to take time off from school. We ask all parents to contact the school before 9.30 am to inform the school of the reason why your child is not attending school.

We review our pupil attendance, on a regular basis and work alongside the Education Welfare Officer, Mr Dale Edwardes. If a child’s attendance drops below 92% and the reasons of absence give us cause for concern then Mr Edwardes will work alongside the school to try and improve the child’s attendance. This may mean that he will do phone calls to the family or home visits to offer support and advice.

You can find out more information about the school’s procedures on the school’s attendance and punctuality policy on the school website.


At Rivelin Primary School we want all our children to have the best start to their day, so they can engage in their learning and develop great behaviours for later life.  Being punctual is one those behaviours that helps children develop good life skills. If a child is brought late to school:

  • they miss the social start of the day from peers and their teacher
  • they may feel panicked and embarrassed when entering the classroom
  • they miss out on the teacher’s instructions for the beginning of the lesson
  • they may interrupt other children’s leaning , whilst the teacher is explaining the lesson to them
  • they may suffer from anxiety due to the lateness.
This unsettled start of the day could have impact on the rest of the day for your child

Sleep Needs

We understand as a school how difficult it is to try and get children to have enough sleep, so they are able to get up in time in the morning and be ready for school. Please find below a table to help with the sleep needs of children and young people.

Children's average sleep needs
Timings for sleep needs