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Year 2 2021 - 2022

                                                                                Meet the Year 2 Team

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Our Year 2 Teachers are

Mr Dahlin

Mrs Solman

Our Teaching Assistant is 

Mrs Bullas

Summer Term 1

An exciting term lies ahead for the pupils in Year 2.

In mathematics we are starting work on fractions. Sometimes children find fractions or equal parts of a number or item difficult to grasp, but a sound knowledge is important, as it leads into many other curriculum areas e.g. in mathematics, the language of time.

We continue to work on times-tables and we will be having another push on learning these. We are keen that pupils achieve their times-tables badges as soon as possible.

We are using the beautifully illustrated and moving story ‘The Hunter’ by Paul Gerraghty as our focus for literacy this half term. This book has won a range of awards for the lyrical and haunting story of Jamina, her grandfather and the baby elephant she finds in the African bush.

Our science topic this half-term is entitled ‘Animals including Humans’. The pupils will learn about healthy eating, exercise and animal lifecycles.

Design technology work will be linked to science. Children will be working with foods, such as vegetables to design a healthy eating plate and a healthy sandwich

The focus in history ‘Scott of the Antarctic’ will build on the knowledge that the children acquired last term during the geography topic ‘Oceans and Continents’. The pupils will be learning about Scott’s expedition to the South Pole.

In computing the pupils will learn about algorithms using Bee-Bots.

We continue to work from the Kapow Scheme of work for art. Last term some of our pupils from both Year 2 classes were shortlisted for a Sheffield Schools drawing competition. We were obviously delighted!

The R.E. curriculum is currently under review, as school moves away from R.E. Days. At the time of writing, we are considering which teaching options to use in Year 2. We will put an update on the website, once we have confirmed what we will be teaching.


The finer weather means that we will aim for P.E. sessions outside. We start off with ball skills related to football and progress from there.

As some of you may be aware, the Year 2 children will sit their SATs tests this year. The national tests will be administered in a friendly, small group manner and are teacher assessed. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak with Mr Dahlin or Mrs Solman at the end of the school day.

In the mean time we hope you all had a pleasant Easter and are enjoying the sunshine – long may the fine weather continue!

Mr Dahlin and Mrs Solman

Spring 2

Welcome to the second spring half-term. We have plenty to keep the children busy, following a most enjoyable first half term. 

 Literacy and science combine nicely with the literacy work based on the book ‘The Tiny Seed’ by Eric Carle and the science work centred around the topic ‘Plants’. All children will have the opportunity to grow a seed or a bean and log the different developmental stages. Mathematics starts with a two week block on statistics, followed by four weeks of work on shape. ICT will help embed this work with a unit of work on statistics, looking at tally sheets and pictograms. ‘Continents and Oceans’ is the focus of our geography work this half-term. We will initially look at the countries and capital cities in the United Kingdom and then go further afield. Art and craft activities will be varied from e.g. continuing drawing skills and working with clay. Ball skills will be the focus of P.E. lessons, which have returned to Monday and Wednesday afternoons. 

Mrs Bullas will assess readers this half-term with the hope and expectation that many children will move up levels. World Book Day is Thursday 3rd March and we are looking forward to celebrating this event in class. 

 We thank you for all the support you have given us with the work our pupils do at home. Extra reading, times-tables and spellings are helping our pupils make great strides forward in their learning.   

Here’s to a good half term – Mr Dahlin and Mrs Solman.

Spring 1

We are pleased to welcome Year 2 children back to school following the Christmas holidays.

We have been straight back to work and children are enjoying ‘The Days the Crayons Quit’ by Oliver Jeffers, (the literacy focus book for this half-term). School has invested in a new phonics reading scheme and we will shortly be sending home reading books attached to the Little Wandle Scheme. We are also working hard in handwriting, ensuring correct letter formation and knowledge of the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet. In mathematics we are continuing work on ‘Money’ and as of next week (week beginning 17th January) we will be consolidating work on ‘Multiplication’ and moving on to ‘Division’. We would really like the Year 2 children to achieve their ‘Times Tables Badges’ in the weekly Friday Celebration Assembly. The first badge requires a fluent knowledge of the 2x, 5x and 10x table, with questions answered without hesitation. To this end we will be encouraging children to learn their tables thoroughly for homework – this includes both multiplication and division facts.

Sheffield United Football Coach, Rob, (a specialist PE coach) will be taking one P.E. session on a Tuesday each week, working on multi-skills. The other P.E. slot on a Wednesday will focus on gymnastics. Please would you ensure that your child has the correct clothing and foot wear for these sessions.

‘The Victorians’ is the history topic this half-term. We have discussed Queen Victoria and her family tree. As homework children have been encouraged to draw their own family trees and see if they can get back as far as the 1800s and thus see a relation of their own who lived in Victorian times. In class will be looking at inventions, transport and schooling. (We will be studying a Geography based topic next half-term). We have linked this topic to work in design and technology, art and music. In design technology we will be making a vehicle. In art we will be looking at silhouettes (very popular in Victorian times), and paintings by the famous Victorian landscape artist M W Turner. In music we will be learning some popular music hall songs form the period. 

We are still looking at the topic ‘Materials’ in science. Having identified a range of materials, children are now exploring a range of properties and considering why certain materials are used for specific jobs e.g. a box made from cardboard - robust and strong.

Following on from the very successful unit in information technology, using ipads to take digital photographs, we are moving on to explore ways of conveying sound digitally.

Rather than providing a homework grid this half-term we ask that parents consolidate times tables knowledge and listen to their child read. These two areas are of such importance in terms of children’s learning and progressing.

Finally, we would like to thank you for the kind messages we received before the Christmas holidays and would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our parents, grandparents and carers a very happy 2022.

Autumn 2

In Autumn 2, our topic was ‘The Snail and the Whale'. This amazing book by Julia Donaldson really captured the children's imaginations. We wrote a brilliant story from the point of view of the snail, as well as an information text about either a snail or a humpback whale. Our science topic ‘Everyday Materials’ focused on pupils' understanding of the materials that everyday objects are made from and why that material is suitable. In mathematics we progressed on to looking at money, including counting pounds and pence, comparing amounts and making different totals using coins. P.E. lessons were on Monday and Wednesday and  focused on Dance. Pupils' ICT learning turned to digital photography, where they used I Pads to take photographs. Children continued to listen to class stories from a range of children’s authors, and continued to read books from the home/school reading scheme. Children will be encouraged to change their books regularly. In the run up to Christmas, Year 2 and Year 1 collaborated to put on a fantastic nativity production called 'Children Of The World', which looked at how Christmas is celebrated in different parts of the world. There was some superb singing and acting and the children loved the performances. 

Autumn 1

Our topic is ‘The Great Fire of London’ and children will be introduced to this topic through a story about a young boy named Toby. We will study the cause of the fire, comparisons of life in Stuart times with today and use a range of resources to understand the past. The topic will be used as a writing stimulus and writing will include pupils’ increasing knowledge of grammar and punctuation. Neat handwriting and presentation will also be encouraged. Art and music will be linked to this topic. Our science topic ‘Living things and their Habitats’ will focus on pupils understanding that adaptation is important for animals to survive in a range of different environments. In mathematics we will continue to consolidate pupils’ knowledge of place value and addition and subtraction. P.E. lessons on a Monday and Wednesday will focus on multi-skills.Pupils are being introduced to ICT and will learn basic computing skills. Enjoyment from and an appreciation of books will continue to be fostered in Year 2. Children will listen to class stories from a range of children’s authors, and continue to read books from the home/school reading scheme. Children will be encouraged to change their books regularly.

Useful information

PE days ​

Monday and Wednesday​

Please can children wear PE kits on the days of their PE lessons.

Spelling homework will be given out each Friday and returned to school the following week

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