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Art at Rivelin Primary School


Art is of high importance at Rivelin Primary school as we strive to develop all children holistically. Aligning with our school ethos, children are encouraged to use the seven core values (curiosity, kindness, honestly, determination, integrity, dignity and respect) within their art lessons. Schemes of learning ensure that children can master certain media while also experiencing a range of different techniques. Children therefore develop positive attitudes towards learning about and using Art; it is an enjoyable and safe space for children to develop and explore their interests and have the confidence to build their own personal style of art. Observation is paramount and activities to build these skills are subsequently incorporated into all art lessons. The art curriculum is based on the pedagogy of oracy and children use their oracy to develop their cultural capital as they learn, understand and discuss a range of artists, movements, skills and contexts. They will also gain a critical awareness of art’s place within different periods and cultures. This will allow them a range of real-world knowledge and understanding to draw upon in future. Consequently, art lessons provide the opportunity for children of Rivelin to apply soft skills such as compassion, flexibility, positivity and time management to help prepare them for a 21st century world. 

At Rivelin Primary, we follow the National Curriculum, which includes Art as a compulsory subject in KS1 and KS2, with statutory programmes of study. Art is also incorporated into EYFS continuous provision with some direct teaching of knowledge and vocabulary and an array of opportunities to explore different techniques and mediums.   


Art is taught through a sequence of lessons that culminates in a ‘final piece’. Through this well-planned sequence, children start by acquiring knowledge and understanding of artists, styles or movements and then apply this in a variety of ways, before planning and executing their own, finished piece of art. Subsequently, children have agency over their work and all children will produce something which reflects their own tastes and will vary from others in the class. They will work both independently and collaboratively within lessons depending on the given task. Children have their own sketchbook which is carried through their primary career. This gives them the chance to reflect on their progress as well as reactivate previous knowledge taught. The curriculum is based on good quality resources and experiences. We are passionate about the physical and human context of our school, and this is inextricably woven into our art curriculum.

The Art curriculum has clear and concise progression documents for our three focus strands; drawing, painting and sculpture and has been adapted to meet the needs of our pupils. From years 1-6, children develop mastery of drawing and painting by building on the previous years learning and using the same media. The breadth of the curriculum is delivered through the sculpture/3D unit in each year group. Children are also afforded the opportunity to taste other arts and craft skills at our afterschool art club.


The impact of the art curriculum is monitored though a triangulation of outcomes: pupil voice, teacher planning and assessment, monitoring of books and displays, lesson learning walks, discussions with teaching staff, pupils and parents.

Pupils, parents and staff are regularly consulted about the curriculum and the impact that it makes.

The desired outcomes of the curriculum will ensure that pupils are well rounded students, ready to embark on secondary school education and beyond. They will be equipped with the foundations and knowledge to achieve success in later education. Pupils will know more and remember more through strong pedagogy and will be able to apply learning in new contexts. Through working with professionals from other schools, teachers have an awareness of KS3 expectations in art to ensure children are prepared by the time they leave Y6.

Children enjoy and look forward to art lessons at Rivelin Primary School. They are proud of the work they create and want to share this with their families.

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