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Absence Reporting

If your child is ill, please let the school know as soon as possible by one of the following methods:

A verbal message by an adult to the school office
A written message from an adult
A telephone message to the school by an adult (0114 2341304) , you can speak to someone in the school office or leave a message on the absence line.

A email via Schoolcomms or the schools email address, enquiries@rivelin.sheffield.sch.uk

Please note that a verbal message from a child is not acceptable.

This is particularly important in the case of infectious diseases which could affect other children or adults. For older children who often travel to school on their own, it is particularly important to let us know at the beginning of the school day if your child is unable to attend, as we would become anxious if they had not arrived.

The school is required by law to keep a very careful check on attendance at school and any absence where an acceptable explanation is not received by the school will be recorded as unauthorised absence.     

Attendance is really important to help ensure your child has the best education possible. Please help support your child by avoiding taking them out of school for appointments or holidays. 


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