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School Meals

Here at Rivelin, we are proud to be in partnership with Taylor Shaw who provide our children with good quality, healthy and fresh food every day. Taylor Shaw work on site in our kitchen, preparing food from a bespoke menu approved by our school council and Headteacher.

Taylor Shaw's dietitians and cooks ensure our meals are nutritionally balanced, creative and appealing to children, to meet all the requirements of the Department of Education School Food Standards. These came into force in 2015 to ensure children eat well at school.

Taylor Shaw promise to work in close conjunction with parents and carers of pupils with medical dietary requirements to ensure that their individual needs are met. With the help of parents and carers providing detailed information regarding dietary needs of their child, Taylor Shaw can create a specific menu, catering to their additional needs. 

If your child is interested in having school meals in school and have additional dietary requirements, it is the parent/carers responsibility to contact Taylor Shaw who will begin the easy process of creating a specific menu.  

Below you will find useful information regarding medical & dietary information, along with Taylor Shaw's contact number and our weekly menus. 

Taylor Shaw Telephone No - 0114 2610630

Taylor Shaw Email Address - info@taylorshaw.com

Taylor Shaw Medical & Dietary Information Sheet 




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    School Meal Infomation 

In line with School Food Service & Sheffield City Council, parents and carers are obliged to pay for their child's school dinners, currently at £2.30 a day. This charge will incur when your child reaches Y3. Years FS2-Y2 are entitled to Universal free school meals, meaning their meals are funded for by the council.  

Please note that when your Y2 child/ren moves over to Y3 they will then be charged for the school lunches which is a cost of £2.30 per meal. If your child/ren recieve free school meals there is no charge.

All meals are payable on the school gateway under the payments section.

Meals must be paid for in advance via your child's school gateway account. This allows you to top up their account straight from your app and will take affect instantly. As stated in our School meals policy if your child's account goes into debit, then a decision will be made as to whether we can continue to provide meals until the debt has been settled. For further information on this policy. click here. 

 Income-based Free School Meals - am I eligible?

We aim to support families as much as possible, therefore if you think you may be eligible for income based free school meals we would be happy to find out for you.

Provide the School Office with the prime parent's full name, D.O.B and national insurance number & we can run a check to see if you fit the criteria. This does not effect anything any information given to the Office will be handled confidentially. 

If you would like further information on income-based free school meals, click here. You can also find out more on the Sheffield city council website.  


School Milk 

 School Milk is free for children up to their 5th birthday, then it is 18p per child per day.

Here at Rivelin, School milk is open to every child, therefore if you join us halfway through don't worry! you will be able to sign your child up straight away - just speak to the ladies in the School Office!

 If you are entitled to Free School Meals,  you are then entitled to Free School Milk! Please make sure that the School Office are aware that your child is eligible so you can have access to all it's benefits for your child.

All payments should be made via School Gateway, just visit the payments section on your child's account and make your payment! once authorised your child will receive a carton of milk each morning!


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