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I just wanted to say a big thank you to Mrs M and Mrs Oates (and the other members of staff who went along last night). Heidi and Cian have both really enjoyed choir over the past 12 months or so and the opportunity to sing at the arena like they did last night was something that I think will stay with them. Great memories and we all appreciate the extra time outside of school that the teachers have given (especially at the start of half term!).
Mrs C Devlin
(February 2024)
Young voices was AMAZING!! They all did amazing to such a huge crowd. Kids are shattered. A massive THANK YOU to all the staff at Rivelin 
Mrs A Ali 
(February 2024)     YV.jpg
I just wanted to say such a huge thank you to your staff after our parents evening tonight. It is so clear to me that our boys are at the best possible place and they are so cared for and understood. 
Our son is a gem, he truly is, but he's a sensitive boy and feels everything really deeply. I was so reassured that Mrs Kingston understands this and has really got to know him even in this short space of time (even if it feels more like 7 months not 7 weeks) and hes already comfortable enough with her to ask for help or chat to her about things outside school. I really believe that is down to the staff you have and the effort you all make everyday to make the kids feel safe. 
And then my appreciation to your reception staff! My son is so happy and settled in school already, he's being encouraged to challenge himself and said tonight when I was tucking him in that he loved school and had had a great day! What more could a mum want?! He was so happy at his nursery, he had loads of friends and adored his nursery teacher but he seems to have got this whole new level of confidence now and hasnt once said he wishes he could go back!
So just a huge thank you to you and all your wonderful staff. 
(October 2023)
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for inviting us to the poetry recital this afternoon. My husband and I absolutely loved it! We were so incredibly proud of our son and all of his classmates - they did so well! Thank you also for the delicious tea and cakes - you are not only talented teachers but talented bakers too!Many, many thanks and we’re looking forward to the rest of this year’s exciting events.Mrs E Barden x
(October 2023)
Just to say the violin teacher was fantastic!! Absolute credit to the school!
L Stonehall
(Ocotber 2023)
I wish we could have a celebration assembly for you and your staff, I would be there to applaud you all. 
Having been lucky enough to be at this mornings assembly I just love how the staff, kids , school is so full of smiles, warmth and genuine care for one another. It honestly fills me up to see.
I love the good humoured approach to the assembly and even when there are little technical issues I love that it's just brushed over with a smile and got on with. 
Having been lucky enough to spend a little more time in the school than most parents I witness this warmth and humour everytime I am in school and really appreciate how welcoming everyone is. I also see very clearly the dedication that the teaching staff give to all the children and the respect they show each other. It's very reassuring and lovely to see as a parent of a child at Rivelin. 
So a big thank you to you and each and everyone of the lovely team you have at Rivelin 
I'd also like to mention the lovely team you have in the school office. Always so busy but always so welcoming, efficient and just lovely. They always make me feel so welcome whenever I go into the office. Much appreciated.
I would also like to say a big Thank you to Miss Hague. She is a breath of fresh air with her enthusiasm and upbeat attitude towards her teaching. I have witnessed on school trips her genuine care and dedication to each and every child. Her sense of fun is infectious and it's clear the children adore her. 
She has really took the time to understand and get to know my son and I believe with her support my son has really grown in confidence and will continue to do so. I'm very grateful to her for realizing Bay never wants to be the centre of attention but that he enjoys helping others and in his quiet way will happily help anyone.
So again thank you for making Rivelin a warm, happy and safe place for each and every child to shine in their own wonderful way !
I hope everyone has a wonderful well deserved holiday ready for a fabulous new term.
Mrs E Lindop
(October 2023)

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