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Our Curriculum

The curriculum at Rivelin is underpinned by our school vision and we hope that the daily learning opportunities are helping us to fulfil our vision for the children.

The curriculum is designed to promote a love of Reading. We believe that good readers have a greater sense of well-being and greater opportunity for academic success. 

Wherever possible the curriculum is designed to link the book to a topic in the curriculum such as Science; History or Geography. We then work to build a bespoke set of lessons that will link meaningfully for the children. There are some areas of the curriculum that will not always fit this pattern so we choose to keep these as stand-alone.

These books have been chosen to interest children to bring real life issues into the school day and to begin to develop a lifelong love of reading. Every six weeks the whole school plans a book study week, where the children are immersed in the literature. Children experience a wide range of creative activities designed to inspire interest and curiosity and give real experiences that will support subsequent learning and enrich the writing process. These topics enable teachers to deliver aspects of many other subjects like, History, Geography, Art & Design and Science. We follow the national curriculum for all subjects but will sometimes enhance the provision through the topics.

If you would like to view the official national curriculum document published by the DFE, please click here.

Rivelin's Curriculum for the Whole Child

At Rivelin we try to thread throughout our curriculum the importance of building character muscles. Every lesson has an element where we focus on a particular character muscle to help develop the whole child and prepare them for the next stage of their education. 

Rivelin's Curriculum for the Whole Child

In addition an important part of the hidden curriculum is pupil leadership. We are developing this through a focus on developing character muscles and the belief that our mind sets and skills are not fixed and with practice can be improved. Children in all year groups have the opportunity to take on leadership roles in school and commit to giving back something to the school and to their peers. This is really valuable for teaching resilience and responsibility.

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