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Art Competition

Our pupils at Rivelin primary school enterred an Art competition in April 2022. Each year group created a different creations using various tools. Here are the pieces of art that was displayed in the United reform church alongside other schools. We are incredibly proud of them all.

Annabel Y6, Aqilah Y1, Ava Y5, Betty Y1, Chin Y3, Diana Y2, Edie Y3, Elliot Y3, Erica Y1, Evelyn Y1, Evie Y4, Frankie Y3, Georgia Y2, Grace Y3, Gracie Y4, Isobel Y1,Ivy Y2, Jessica Y3, Joni Y5, Kaya Y2, Kensie Y6, Lily Y6, Lottie Y5, Louie Y3, Lucia Y6, Maisie Y6, Megan Y1, Nathaniel Y1, Olivia Y3,Paisley Y1, Rosa Y6, Ruby Y6, Sam B Y6,Sam C Y3, Sophie Y5, Thomas Y3, Tilly Y1 and Violet Y4

Annabel L.jpg    Aqilah F.jpg   Ava M.jpg  Betty S.jpg  Chin Y.jpg  Diana S.jpg  Edie T.jpg  Elliott C.jpg  Erica M.jpg  Evelyn S.jpg  Evie P.jpg  Frankie G.jpg      Gracie L.jpg  Isobel G.jpg  Ivy R 1.jpg  Jessica Ta.jpg  Joni Y.jpg  Kaya H.jpg  Lily P.jpg Kensie D.jpg  Lottie S.jpg  Louie L.jpg  Lucia L.jpg  Maisie D.jpg  Megan M.jpg  Mia M.jpg  Nathaniel R.jpg  Olivia N.jpg  Paisley C.jpg  Rosa C.K.jpg  Ruby B.jpg  Sam B.jpg  Samuel C.jpg  Sophie P.jpg  Thomas Ar.jpg  Tilly S.jpg   Violet L.jpg        Grace T.jpg

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