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Wraparound Club

Here at Rivelin we are very proud to offer breakfast and after school care for our children. This service is extremely popular and the children have a great time! We have offered this service since 2015, and with our ad-hoc booking service available as well as repetitive sessions, we're busier than ever!

We aim to offer everyone a space in our wraparound care, we ask for at least 24 hours notice but we understand this cannot always be possible. Take a look below at what the children get up to at breakfast and after school club!

If you are interested in your child taking part, or would like some more information, don't hesitate to pop into the

School Office and speak to Mrs Brammer, Mrs Holder or Mrs Sherratt our Wraparound admin team who will be happy to help!



The breakfast club is located in the main building next door to the school office and is open from 7:45am Monday-Friday. You can access the club via the white door, just ring the doorbell! (You can drop your child off at any time that suits you after 7:45am, however we stop serving breakfast at 8:25am).

You will be greeted by our play-workers Megan Eades and Minnie Cooper who will invite you in, Parents are then able to leave the children for them to have some breakfast. 

We offer a range of breakfast options for the children to choose from, as well as fresh fruit and juice/water for them to help themselves to. We will always offer the children breakfast, however if they don't want anything they don't have to!

After their breakfast they are free to play, read, colour or just relax! Once the School gates open at 8:35am, the children will be taken over to their classrooms ready to start their day. (Children in KS2 are trusted to walk themselves over to their classrooms).

We ask that if possible you book in advance for breakfast club so that we can judge how many members of staff we need. 


after school club.jpeg

After School club takes place in the dining hall for the first hour. The children can take part in lots of different activities during their time here, then they may move to a different room, such as the IT Suite or our School Library.

This club begins straight after the end of the School Day until 6pm and holds a much larger capacity than Breakfast Club. 

The KS1 Children will be collected from their teachers by our play workers and taken down to the dining hall, children in KS2 will bring themselves down, meeting the play workers there to be registered. 

The children have such a large variety of things to do during their time here including arts & cratfs, board games,roleplay, reading, colouring etc. During the summer the children get to enjoy their time playing in the school yard too! 

Children are offered all kinds of snacks at the start of the session, and like breakfast club, have access to fruit and water to help themselves to. 

When you are ready to pick your child up, simply ring the Wraparound number found below and on the school office window, then a member of the team will bring them up to the main entrance to meet you. 

Telephone number - 07982410192




Breakfast Club - £4.50 per session

After School Club - £9 per session

Wraparound sessions have to be paid for at the time of booking and as a result we will not expect to see contracts covering the whole school year as users will have to book and pay for sessions on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, according to individual requirements.

In addition, bookings will only be permitted if payment is made at the time of booking or if the account has a credit balance. Breakfast Club sessions can be booked up to 12 midnight on the night before and After School sessions can be booked up to 12 midday on the day.

For Parents/Carers that use Childcare Vouchers, the system will recognise that the accounts are paid in arrears as Employers are unable to issue vouchers at the time of request. These accounts will be expected to be settled on a monthly basis.  Any new users using Childcare Vouchers will be required to provide evidence of this on registration to enable this information to be input to the system and allow the account to have a balance in arrears.

We are very strict on debts occurring, therefore we ask you to read our debt policy before committing to this provision. If payments aren't received after the 30 day time scale, your child will no longer be able to attend either provision until full payment has been payed.   

Cancellation Policy

We require you to cancel any sessions that you no longer require on the Wednesday of the week before the session. This gives us time to correctly staff the club depending on the amount of Children. If your child does not attend a booked session, or if you cancel at late notice, you will still be charged. 

If you are late picking up your child from after school club, you will be charged a £10 penalty fee per child, as our staff are only timed to be there until 6pm. If your child is not collected before 6pm and their has been no contact we have to inform social services.

We understand that your child not attending a session due to illness or a school trip cannot be helped, therefore if either of these were to occur and you didn't cancel the session, you would not be charged. 






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